The Traditional Moroccan Wedding

The Traditional Moroccan WeddingMarriage in Morocco is closely connected to ancestral traditions and customs as well as religion.It can be celebrated for more then one day and the most of practices evolve around the beauty of the bride and the unity of the family of the two spouses.

Wedding Dresses for Men

Wedding Dresses for MenNo matter it is taking wedding photos or it is in the conduct of weddings , what the general note is if the girls wedding is beautiful, if the makeup-oriented is good, few people will notice how the men’s clothing is in the end, but that if the men’s dress is with ordination is also very important.
Men’s choice of dress should match the bride’s wedding dress and the overall appearance show a sense of balance between a sense of the match. Overall, the trend of the times can be seen in men’s dress, and other sub-parts design trends with elegant, slender, and simple, but also with the age, body type, occasion and budget. Now either the bride or the wedding dress worn by both men to go simple big wind, the popular male dress includes: a long dress, Italian-style dress and military-style dress and so on. In fact, as long as they pick up their own dress,

Your wedding ring

Your wedding ring
Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and commitment, and a major part of your marriage ceremony! While some couples are opting for less traditional symbols of their marriage vows, such as tattoos or other types of jewelry, most brides are still interested in using rings in the ceremony.
Wedding ring is not a normal piece of decoration , it was and will always be a symbol laden with meanings of love cherished by all lovers seeking to crown this love marriage, so the real value lies not in the amount spent by as much as it lies in the value of the moral, which is not matched the value of any piece Other Jewelry. And therefore not strange that the dream of every girl on the verge of marriage, the seal of a very special bear with them in the trip of a lifetime with pride.

Flower and wedding

wedding flowers
Flowers set the mood and tone for your entire wedding and choosing them has never been easier. That’s because the newest trends in wedding flowers are not about matchmaking - the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces no longer have to be identical. The latest floral styles are all about color, boldness and individual design.

Wedding flowers often follow fashion trends and right now individuality is in, while conventionality is out. This means that the bridesmaids’ bouquets do not have to match the bride’s and each bridesmaid can potentially have a unique bouquet. Colorful blossoms, as opposed to conventional white, are also in style - especially plums and lavenders. This makes it easy for brides making their own centerpieces because anything goes. Be creative! Create a different floral assortment for each table.

Perfect Wedding Cakes

Your reception just wouldn’t be the same without a wedding cake. After all, it’s meant as a symbol of fertility and is one of the most commonly found wedding traditions. The Ancient Romans used to bake a cake of barley or wheat and then break it over the bride’s head as a sign of fertility. It also became customary to pile several small cakes to create one large tier. The bride and groom would then try to kiss over the tower of cakes without knocking it over. If they succeeded, it was a sign that their marriage would be long and prosperous.

Today, wedding cakes are more about style and taste then they are symbols of fertility. If you’re a talented baker you can make your own wedding cake - not only will you save money but it will also symbolize all the love and dedication that you will put into your marriage. For those of you who aren’t whizzes in the kitchen there are hundreds of unique wedding cake designs to choose from, such as the recently popular cupcake wedding cake.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations
Once you’ve attended to all the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, its time to pay some attention to the wedding stationary. The invitations should be one of the most important items on your wedding planning to-do list - how else will your guests be prepared for your fabulous wedding?