Wedding gifts are confusing !

Wedding giftWhen Gifts are Given ?!
Wedding Gift are given at various times during the course of the wedding planning and ceremonies. If you are giving the gift, you should know when it is appropriate to give a gift to the bride and groom at each of these times

The wedding Shower : the most common time to give a gift is at the wedding shower , if you attend the wedding shower you do not need to provide another gift for the wedding. but it is customary to provide a monetary gift to the bride and groom at the wedding, to help them to pay for the wedding and start off their life together.

Sometimes, the bride's family or close friends may give the bride or the groom something during odd times during the wedding preparations. For example, the maid of honor, as sister of the bride or the mother of the bride , may purchase a keepsake book for them to record their planning adventures.
Wedding gift
The gifts given at a wedding shower are designed to help the bride and the groom to begin their life together. For that reason, the gifts given are generally things for their household.
You may give them things for the kitchen, the beth , the bedroom or any place else in the home that you know that they need something for.

If you are not sure what the bride and the groom need for their new home
it okay to ask the bride's parents or the groom's parents, or other close family members for advice.

You can give a monetary gift for the wedding shower if you feel that this is a more appropriate gift for the couple.

Often, a monetary gift well be one of the most appreciated gifts given at any time simply because of the sheer cost of the wedding itself.

Yet, it is important to take note in the fact that a gift that is given at a wedding shower is the most prized.

Wedding gift - Monetary gift