The Wedding Flight To America

The Wedding Flight To America What’s white, costs billions of dollars, and embodies the American dream? For years, a white-gowned bride, multi-tiered white cake, and shiny gold rings have been the central icons for a grand American tradition that remains vibrant despite changing times. Tradition is a powerful idea, particularly when it comes to weddings in America. Many brides are enticed by the notion that they are following in the footsteps of their mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers when they choose to wear a white gown, marry in a formal ceremony, and have a large, public wedding celebration. American weddings are in some ways similar to other traditions, but can be different in many ways also.

Snowflakes Cupcakes Recipe

Snowflakes CupcakesSnowflakes CupcakesIt's Winter and what's more perfect for a Winter Wonderland Wedding than these snowflakes.
I would admit that after reading the recipe i realize that these may not be the easiest to make since you'll have to make the snowflakes too but with a little practice you can have these cut cupcakes at your wedding that well fit right into your theme.