The Wedding Flight To America

The Wedding Flight To America What’s white, costs billions of dollars, and embodies the American dream? For years, a white-gowned bride, multi-tiered white cake, and shiny gold rings have been the central icons for a grand American tradition that remains vibrant despite changing times. Tradition is a powerful idea, particularly when it comes to weddings in America. Many brides are enticed by the notion that they are following in the footsteps of their mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers when they choose to wear a white gown, marry in a formal ceremony, and have a large, public wedding celebration. American weddings are in some ways similar to other traditions, but can be different in many ways also.
 Marriage is an Association which exists since the earliest times of history and has great importance on life of human. Marriage as a term is a continuous union of a man and a woman as husband and wife under all kinds of conditions of life. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly. Marriage is a pledge meant to last a lifetime.

The Wedding Flight To AmericaBrides originally tossed a garter, rather than a bouquet, at a wedding reception. In the 14th century, this custom changed after Brides became tired of fighting off drunken men who tried to remove the garter themselves! Brides soon began throwing their bouquets as gifts of luck for female wedding guests. Brides only used to wear white if she was still a virgin and it was her first wedding. American tradition now dictates that any bride can wear white proudly, even though the second weddings tend to be a little bit less formal.

Guests could also ring their little bells at the reception in lieu of clinking glasses. Guest books and penholders are easy items to neglect. As such, we also include these items for your convenience. Guests would then scramble for pieces of the cake, and take them home for good luck. It later became a tradition to place many small cakes on top of each other as high as possible.

Bridesmaids dressed similarly to the bride, and ushers' attire resembled the groom's. This was an attempt to confuse the spirits who wanted to harm the couple. Brides in Greece also believe a lump of sugar tucked into one of their wedding gloves will bring sweetness to their married life. Bride's Carry a genuine lucky, sixpence in their bridal shoes. A sixpence is a coin formerly used in Britain worth six pennies.

Brides and grooms often like to acknowledge their heritage by including traditions from country and culture in their wedding plans. A wedding provokes the first sense of interest in learning about their family and the culture of thir ancestors.

Guests would bring small cakes to the wedding and pile them together, and the couple would kiss while standing over the pile. These cakes also were urged on departing guests as the forerunners of today's "groom's cakes.".Though not very popular now, groom's cakes are a part of contemporary weddings in some cultures; pieces of heavy, dark fruitcake are placed in tiny white boxes and tied with ribbons for friends and family to take home with them after the wedding. Guests are given a paper leaf or piece of decorative card attached to a ribbon when they arrive. During the reception, they write their best wishes to the bride and groom . Guests stood below as she mounted the stairs to change into her `going away' costume. The girl catching the bouquet was supposed to be the next married.

Guests write their special wish for the happy couple on their leaves and throughout the reception, come up and tie the leaf to the branch. Or the guests could deposit them in a basket at the head table for the bride and groom to read and then hang on the tree. Guests continue to celebrate the wedding by eating, singing, and dancing.
This article is written by : Courtney Charlton